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Sunray Is Down
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The Falklands War of 1982 was probably Britain's last "Colonial War", and appeared to many as an impossible task - to recapture a small group of islands 8,000 miles away from the UK, that had been invaded by Argentina, just a few hundred miles away.
Britain sent the largest task force it had ever assembled since World War Two, including aircraft carriers, destroyers, submarines, fighter jets, and hundreds of troops from some of the country's most elite units.
These rules, designed for 10mm scale figures, though easily adapted to other scales, cover the land based battles fought during the conflict which lasted two and a half months in 1982.
These rules include:
A history of islands
Chronology of the War
Rules of Play
Orders of Battle for both sides
Army Lists
Six historical battle scenarios to refight
Further reading suggestions

The rules are also supported by a dedicated Facebook page, additional scenarios as PDF and supported by a complete range of figures and vehicles produced by Pendraken Miniatures.

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