The civil wars for the English throne known as the Wars of the Roses are a truly fascinating period of history that saw some the bloodiest battles in British history. Full of intrigue and treachory it makes for a great period to wargame, and being the end of the medieval period was full of beautiful heraldry and flags. 

This army pack, produced by masters of 10mm wargaming, Pendraken contains 1 x C in C Knight, 5 x knights, 10 x hobilars, 10 x dismounted knights, 30 x retinue bill, 60 x retinue longbow, 2 x medium guns, 20 x shire levy bill, 20 x shire levy longbow, 30 x pike, 10 x handgunners to represent a Yorkist army of the wars. 

Wars of the Roses (Yorkist) Army Pack


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