Celebrating 400 issues of Wargames Illustrated. This months freebies include a Wargames Illustrated Prime membership with every issue, and the Death in the Dark Continent Lite ruleset - presenting wargames in 19th century Africa penned by Chris Peers. 


Full Contents:

  • Quick Fire! - Readers’ short, sharp wargames projects. 

  • Full Paper Jacket - Our monthly look at new and forthcoming wargames related books.

  • An Invitation to DITDC Lite - What’s it all about – that free ruleset you received with this issue of the magazine? The game’s designer Chris Peers reveals all.

  • 50 and 400 - Wargames Illustrated’s Editor gets reflective and takes us on a tour of some of the highlights and ‘oddlights’ of the last 399 issues.

  • Wargame Mechanics - The Top Ten - No stranger to crafting rules of his own for Frostgrave, Oathmark, and more – Joseph A. McCullough shared his favourite game mechanics with us.

  • The First Templar - Dr Gianluca Raccagni author of Crusader States, the Lion Rampant expansion, takes us on a journey back to the inception of the Templars.

  • There Can Be Only One - Pete Brown looks at the top ten most flexible armies for each of the most popular wargames periods to find out if there really is a “best” wargames army.

  • First Bull Run Project: The Union -Following on from last month’s article, Nick Eyre of North Star take us on a tour of his Union figure collection for First Bull Run, 1861.

  • Reg Follit and the Red Baron - Inspired by an old model plane, James Morris journeyed through his family history and back to a dramatic WW1 encounter in the sky over Arras, France..

  • Rules Scene - In a seamless tie-in with our 400th issue, Games Designer, Rules Writer, and all round bawcock Rick Priestley shares his thoughts on some of the most influential wargames since Wargames Illustrated first appeared on the newsstands.

  • Sculpting Stories with the Perrys -We talk about Perry related randomness with everyone’s favourite sculpting siblings.

  • Mass Skirmish Q&A - We talk large/mass skirmish gaming, with the designers of three of last year’s most popular new games.

  • Thirty-Four Years of Page Flicking - WI’s own bookworm, Neil Smith, takes a look at some titles every wargamer should have in their collection.

  • Richard Garretson 15mm Showcase -Richard Garretson’s 15mm displays are the culmination of decades of hobby activity, representing countless hours at the modelling and painting table. Take a look at what he’s achieved.

  • How To... Make a Timber Framed Building - Paul Davies not only shows us how to construct a timber framed building, he also shares how he uses photographs and illustrations to provide the basis for his construction plans.

Wargames Illustrated #400 April 2021


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