On 2 August 1808 a British army of 14,000 men began landing north of Lisbon under the command of Sir Arthur Wellesley, the future Duke of Wellington. They were coming to assist the Portuguese, Britain's oldest ally, to liberate their country from its French occupiers. Within a month Wellesley was to win two victories over the French at the battles of Roliça and Vimeiro. General Andoche Junot, the French commander, was forced to surrender and evacuate Portugal. René Chartrand examines the first of Wellesley's string of victories in the Peninsular War.


Origins of the Campaign
Opposing Commanders
Opposing Armies
Opposing Plans
Junots French invasion and occupation of Portugal
The 1808 Revolt
Wellesley arrives
The Battle of Rolia
The battle of Vimiero
the Convention of Cintra
The Battlefields today

Vimeiro 1808


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