Vae Victis is the premier European wargaming magazine that covers all historical wargames in both miniature and in board games.

Published every two months (6 issues a year) it's glossy pages exhibit fanatstic photography of miniatures and numerous historical articles to stimulate the gaming tastebuds.

This "game version"  also includes a full colour hexmap/board game with counters and map in every edition, with a different historic period each edition. 

The magazine is publshed in French, but is easily translated instantly with smartphone apps and we supply a full printed version of game rules in English with every copy that we sell (also availble as a free PDF download on the Vae Victis website)

Each copy sells at £15.95 plus £1.85 postage = £106.80 per year

Subscribe with us for a twelve month period for just £79.95 inc UK postage

US and overseas customers please message us for an invoice - $125 inc international shipping



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