Vae Victis is the premier French wargaming magazine. Published every two months, it comes complete with a hexmap game with each edition covering all periods of history. 

The magazine is 80 pages with full colour illustraions throughout.

The text in the magazine is in French, but is generally easy to follow with even a basic or holiday knowledge of the language or you could use a translate app on a phone or tablet.

The game that is included has FREE downloadable rules in ENGLISH and we supply these from The Little Corporal with every purchase of this magazine.




  • Little Land
  • Charlemagne
  • Waterloo C3i
  • Marengo
  • Ostkrieg
  • Custoza
  • Verdun Steel Inferno
  • Great War – BEF
  • Combat
  • Paris 1919


  • Advanced Squad Leader : USSR 1941
  • Memory 44 : USSR 1942


  • Chain of Command
  • Scénario Craonne 1814
  • Mousquets et Tomahawk v2
  • La Garde
  • Les éléphants à BannerWar
  • DBA
  • Victory at Sea

New rules

  • Mortem & Gloriam
  • Team Yankee
  • Oathmark
  • Twilight of the Soldier Kings
  • Infamy, Infamy!

How to choose

  • PC games WWII

Art of war

  • Campaign of "L'armée de Châlons", Sedan 1870

Vae Victis #152 Sept/Oct 2020


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