Vae Victis is the premier French wargaming magazine. Published every two months, it comes complete with a hexmap game with each edition covering all periods of history. 

The magazine is 80 pages with full colour illustraions throughout.

The text in the magazine is in French, but is generally easy to follow with even a basic or holiday knowledge of the language or you could use a translate app on a phone or tablet.

The game that is included has FREE downloadable rules in ENGLISH and we supply these from The Little Corporal with every purchase of this magazine.




  • Front Toward Ennemy
  • Guerres indiennes vol. 1 : Custer
  • Durchbruch 1917
  • Tank Duel
  • Western Empires
  • Brazen Chariots, Battles for Tobruk 1941
  • Twilight Struggle
  • White Tribe


  • Advanced Squad Leader
  • Memory 44


  • Furor Mundi
  • Bolt Action vs. Chain of Command
  • Les batailles du Grand Condé
  • La bataille d’Angleterre


  • Figurines en impression 3D
  • Les nouveautés Warlord

Art of war

  • Opération Rösselsprung 1944
  • 1870, l’été tragique 1re partie

Wargame with die-cut counters

  • Capture Tito !

    Operation Rösselsprung 1944 features the first phase of the operation led by the airborne troops of the SS-fallschirmjäger battalion 500 to eliminate Tito. This game system, developed for the Raid series, is designed for solo play; the artificial intelligence automatically manages the Yugoslav actions while the player manages the German actions.
    The map represents a series of points, between one and several hundred metres apart. A game turn equals 2 day time hours and 5 night time hours; the scenario begins at 6.00 on 25 May 1944 and finishes at 12.00 on 26 May for 12 game turns. The front side of a counter represents full strength or 35-40 German paratroopers, a company of 20-100 Yugoslav partisans, an officer, two anti-air machine guns or two Italian tanks.

    Complexity: low to medium
    Duration: 90 minutes
    Play: Solitary

Vae Victis #151 July/August 2020


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