The common image of the Confederate Army during the Civil War is dominated by a limited number of early photographs of troops wearing the gray and butternut of the CS regulations and quartermaster issues. By contrast, this book examines the variety of uniforms worn by the Tennessee and North Carolina militia and volunteers brought together in the Confederate field armies, and the continuing efforts to clothe them as wear-and-tear gradually reduced this wide range of uniforms. A mass of information from contemporary documents is illustrated with rare early photographs and meticulous color reconstructions.



TENNESSEE: Tennessee militia; Early war volunteers; Ladies' aid societies; Military and Financial Board clothing, 1861-63; Winter clothing; Military suppliers; Arms and equipage NORTH CAROLINA: Antebellum militia; Volunteers of 1861; Ladies' aid societies; State clothing; Winter clothing; Military suppliers; Arms & equipage SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY PLATE COMMENTARIES INDEX

The Confederate Army 1861-65 (5)


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