The Russians originally had an agreement with Austria, as well as a pact with Britain allowing troops to be stationed on the Lithuanian border. However the British had also made an agreement with the Prussians, angering Russia and bringing them into the war in 1757 when they invaded Prussia. Despite their strength in battle, the Russian army struggled with their supply lines, leaving them unable to capitalise and gain ground after a victory. They did manage to push the Prussians back over several years, until the death of Empress Elizabeth in 1762, bringing Peter III to power and switch in allegiance to Prussia. This new combined force pushed the Austrians back but the new emperor was soon overthrown by his wife and Russia withdrew from the war. The performance of the Russian army had improved their reputation considerably and they were never decisively defeated during the war.


This Pendraken army pack contains

150 infantry

15 cavalry

3 artillery guns and crew

Seven Years War Russian Army


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