Through the late 1850's to early 1870's Prussia was involved in several wars across Europe, fighting the Danes, the Austrians, the French,  and even other German states as it tried to unify the German speaking peoples. Technology was moving at fast pace with new weaponry like breach loading rifles, breach loading rifled artillery, huge field artillery guns and even primitive machine guns appearing on the battlefields - an ominous sign of things to come in future wars. 


Manufactured by the world leaders in 10mm wargaming, Pendraken Miniatures, this complete army pack is the perfect way to begin gaming this great historical period. 


A total of 150 infantry, 15 cavalry, and 3 artillery pieces with crew. 


Pack content is:

120 x Line infantry in greatcoats

  30 x Landwehr in greatcoats (includes command figures)

  15 x Dragoons (includes command figures)

    3 x Krupp C64 4lb RBL with crew


Figures supplied unpainted 

Prussian Army 1860-70 (Winter) (10mm)

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£32.30Sale Price

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