A paint set for those of you battling the dastardly French, be it on the Iberian Peninsular or across the battle fields leading to Waterloo.

Set contains 10 Vallejo Paints

  • Model Colour 957 Flat Red: Jackets
  • Model Colour 950 Black: Shako, shoes, backpack
  • Model Colour 865 Oily Steel: Bayonet, musket metalwork, sword
  • Model Colour 976 Buff: Breadbag
  • Model Colour Brass 801: Shako badge, crossbelt buckles, officer braid
  • Model Colour 992 Neutral Grey: Trousers, Greatcoat roll
  • Model Colour 820 Off White: Crossbelts, lace, musket sling, trousers
  • Model Colour 871 Leather Brown: Musket wood, canteen strap
  • Model Colour 900 French Mirage Blue: Canteen
  • Model Colour 896 German Dark Green: Rifle regiment tunic and trousers

No colours for facings as there are so many options.



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