After having "settled" the Afghan question in the Second Afghan war, Britain had gained several Afghan provinces on the Indian side of the Hindu Kush. One thing is to have ownership over the landmass, quite another is to gain a population of fierce warriors and accomplished robbers, raiding the Punjab regulary and ruled by their own tribal laws. Punitive expeditions on the Northern Frontier was a yearly task for the Raj, as well as fighting local uprisings by both chieftains wanting autonomy and as part of "The Great Game" with Russia.

This period saw the future twice pime minister, Winston Churchill, in a combat role during the relief of Malakand in 1897 and is a wonderful colonial period to game. It was certainly not a guaranteed victory for the British in these engagemnts, with many set backs and heoric last stands. 

This Battle Pack includes 90 British/Empire troops and 120 Afghan tribesmen that allow you to start large skirmish or small battle engagements. In this instance the smaller scale of 10mm is perfect to allow more dramtic scenery on the table to accuratley portray the rugged terrain these engagements often took place in.

North West Frontier Wars 1890's (Battle Pack)


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