Mortem et Gloriam are without doubt currently the leading set of rules for small to large battles in the Ancient, Dark Age and Medieval periods. 


Written by Simon Hall, a past champion player of WRG DBM rules and a co-author the Osprey Fields Of Glory rules, these rules have a pedigree of experience written through them with several unique additions to add even more realism to the often "chaos" of warfare before modern communications and to refelect the brutality of  hand to hand combat. 


Without doubt they now set the standard for this period at small to epic battle levels.


Contains box set of the new MeG rulebook, CCC grass set, cards and dice

This 240-page hardback book with a new look and 20 world class pieces of artwork by Giuseppe Rava. It integrates all clarifications, includes a more extensive set of diagrams and combines Maximus, Magna and Pacto in a single volume.


CCC Grass set contains command cards and discs, a disc bag and a set of wound/slow markers. All are blended with grass background to make games look great. The wound and slow markers have printed casualties and troops on them.

Mortem et Gloriam Compendium Box Set


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