This book tells the tragic story of the Spanish Civil War through the eyes of writers, artists and musicians who were deeply involved and close to it.

By means of chronological chapters covering the major phases the author describes the roles of figures such as Arthur Koestler, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, George Orwell, Esmond Romilly, Martha Gellhorn (Hemingway’s lover), Salvador Dali, the poet Federico Lorca (who was killed) etc. Other famous names include the spies Kim Philby and Anthony Blunt.

The progress of the War is followed from the outbreak rebellion of summer 1936, through Seville, the war in the Aragon Mountains, Madrid, Malaga, the arrival of the International Brigades in 1937, the notorious destruction of Guernika by the German Condor Legion, Barcelona and Franco’s victorious march, checked briefly on the Ebro.

This is a highly informative and interesting work covering a period of military history that has been largely neglected.

Famous Faces Of The Spanish Civil War


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