The Falklands War in 1982 is for many still a "living memory" conflict. After Argentina invaded the Falklands on April 2nd 1982, Britain assembled the largest Royal Navy fleet seen since World War Two. Warships, Harrier jump jets and battalions of Royal Marines, Paras, Gurkhas, Welsh Guards and the SAS/SBS were shipped thousands of miles to the other side of the world to liberate the islands. 


The Argentine army however was not to give up easily, although in Britain at the time they were portrayed as an army of unwillinging conscripts, the reality on the ground was very different, with heoric and patriotic troops putting up a very stiff resistance to the British.


This army pack in 10mm (produced by 10mm masters, Pendraken) contains over 100 highly detailed miniatures with a mixture of poses and equipment including, SLRs, Officers, Radio Operators, Mortar Teams, and .50 Cal HMGs  to create a realistic troop mix that be used to represent most of the units fielded by the Argentines 

Falklands War (1982) Argentine Army Pack (10mm)


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