In the Spring of 1809, the Austrian army, buoyant and full of new-found patriotic fervour, rolled across the frontier with Bavaria. The time had come to exact revenge for the humiliating defeat suffered at Austerlitz. But ten days later, harassed by ceaseless rain, they were streaming back from the Abens river with Napoleon in hot pursuit. Napoleon had not been in the front line when Austria had launched its campaign and the French and their German allies had blundered backwards and forwards across the Bavarian countryside. But, with the appearance of Napoleon, Archduke Charles lost the initiative. Based for the first time upon the Austrian primary sources, this title takes the reader through the various clashes of this significant campaign.


The Road to War, 1809
Opposing Armies
Opening Plans
Opening Moves
Battle of Teugn-Hausen
The Battle of Abensberg
The Second Battle of Landshut
The Deluge: The Battle of Eggmuhl
Battle of Eggmuhl (Day 2)
The Battlefields Today
Wargaming Eggmuhl

Eggmuhl 1809


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