DIEX AÏE ("God helps" in Latin, the warcry of the Duke of Normandy) is set in England just after the battle of Hastings in the second half of the 11th Century. It depicts the numerous fights that Saxons fought to resist the "Norman Yoke". DIEX AÏE introduces a campaign game: It is used to generate tactical scenarios which are played on the standard maps of the series.

DIEX AÏE is the first companion game to the popular GUISCARD game. Like this one, DIEX AÏE is a complete boxed game with counters, maps, rules, scenarios and playsheets.

Box Contents:

> (3) full-color tactical maps, giving a possibility of many different terrains;
> (2) sheets of overlays with Saxon buildings;
> (1) A3 sheet of tactical counters printed in full color;
> (2) full-color A3 campaign maps ;
> (2) A5 sheets of strategic counters;
> (1) 40-page rule booklet;
> (1) 36-page booklet including the historical background, a guide to the
    playing pieces and both strategic and tactical scenarios;
> (6) play sheets for handy reference;
> (1) 10-sided die.

Diex Aie - "GOD HELPS" - hexmap game


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