766th Independent Regiment NKPA

Initially, the Unit formed as a single Battalion and quickly grew to a 3000 man Regiment. When the war started two of the Battalions spearheaded assaults along the East Coast of Korea. They infiltrated along the mountains and conducted coastal assaults in an effort to flank the South Korean Army.

Veterans of the Chinese Civil War, during the early weeks of the war the 766th achieved successful results. Only the actions of the U.N. air forces and the support of the nearby offshore Naval gunfire helped to halt the 766th in their drive South.

Fighting to the end

By August the 5th, the exhausted and battered 766th were ordered into P'ohang, a strategically important route through the mountains to the Gyeongsang plain. They were at the end of an overstretched supply line receiving little or no food or ammunition and relaying solely at this point on capturing supplies.

Morale remained high among the 766th troops, having trained for this eventuality they specialised in raiding UN supply lines, and effectively mounted small disruptive attacks against UN targets to equip themselves.

Eventually, the 766th would be crushed by losses and would not be able to regain their pre-war status. These Soldiers would be incorporated into other Recon units and would also go on to form guerrilla organisations in an effort to continue their fight for North Korea.

In Bolt Action

Nearly all these Soldiers were veterans of fighting in China during the Chinese Civil War and highly trained in amphibious warfare and irregular warfare, the perfect combination for commando-style raids in the vanguard of the larger army.

This 500 point unit would excel at infiltration, using their Superior Fieldcraft rule (pg 83 Korea).

The strike force

Unit Equipment   Points
Senior Lieutenant SMG Veteran 90
Veteran Infantry squad (7 men) NCO & 3 men with Submachine gun, 2 with Light Machine gun, 1 with Rifle, anti-tank grenades Veteran, tough fighters 144
Veteran Infantry squad (5 men) NCO with Submachine gun, 2 with Light Machine gun, 2 with Rifle Veteran, tough fighters 93
Guerilla cell (3 men) NCO & 1 man with Submachine gun, 1 with Rifle Veteran 51
Guerilla cell (3 men) NCO & 1 man with Submachine gun, 1 with Rifle, anti-tank grenades Veteran 57
MMG team   Veteran 65

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

766th Independent Regiment NKPA


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