The British army had seen rapid expansion through the Napoleonic period, from a force of around 40,000 men at the start of the century up to a well-drilled army of 250,000 by 1813.  After a successful Peninsular campaign, Wellington had driven the French forces back over the Pyrenees and up through France.  This push continued right to Paris and Napoleon was forced to abdicate on 6th April 1814.  This brought a temporary end to the conflict, but after Napoleon's escape from Elba in February 1815, the Allied army was reformed.  The British held off the French at Quatre Bras before coming together again in possibly the most famous battle in history, Waterloo. 


This army pack produced by Pendraken Miniatures contains

165 infantry

15 cavalry

3 artillery guns and crew

1812-1815 British Army Pack


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