The Sassanid Persians dominated the middle east for centuries and were a constant thorn in the side of the Romans and letterly the Byzantines. This 15mm hardplastic army pack contains everything you need to start an historically accurate Sassanid army,

Box contents:

2 x Generals (2-part miniatures to allow variable poses)
22 x Asvaran cavalry (assorted mix of armoured lancers and armoured horse archers; multiple poses; lances are separate)
8 x Horse archers (assorted mix of poses)
2 x Elephants and crew (multi-part models; includes 3 crew)
8 x Slingers (assorted mix of 2 poses)
8 x Archers (assorted mix of 2 poses)
16 x Levy foot (assorted mix of 4 poses)

15mm Sassanid Persian Army Pack (Mortem et Glorium)


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