This is a discounted set of figures using the metal Splintered Light Miniarure range based around the Mortem et Gloriam rules also available on our website. The set includes both figures and pre-cut MDF bases.


This pack will make a 3000+ point Pacto army and includes

6 x Command Personalities (3 bases)

6 x Familia Regis Heavy Cavalry (2  bases)

12 x Heavy Norman Cavalry (4 bases)

24 x Heavy Norman Infantry (8 bases)

6 x Crossbowmen (2 bses)

8 x Medium Norman Pedites Infantry (2 bases)

6 x Breton Noble Heavy Cavlary (2 bases)

6 x Breton Medium Cavalry (2 bases)


Pre-cut MDF bases for all the above figures


Figures are randomly selected from the illustrated examples

15mm MeG Pacto Norman Army


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