Stuart Asquith - RIP

It is with great sadness that we note the death of one of the hobby's "giants", Stuart Asquith, who passed away on November 3rd.

We are deliberately reporting this in our Battles For Wargamers section because over 40 years he contributed so much to writing such articles himself for magazines, as well as writing over 20 books on the hobby too.

It was his "Battles For Wargamers - The Battle of Dreux" article in Military Modelling magazine, April 1981, that truly got me hooked as a 12 year old schoolboy to start wargaming seriously.

I never met Stuart, which has partly given him a mystique status to me. He was the wargamer who started my passion for the hobby simply through his writing, and I'm sure he has inspired many many more through the years. His death is a great loss for wargaming as a whole.

Our deepest sympathy and thoughts go out to his wife, family and friends.

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